Surf Lessons at Linda Mar in Pacifica since 2004

Covid 19 Guidelines.

June 11th, 2020 

To provide Private Surf lessons only. Class sizes will range from 1 to 4 clients maximum. No mixing of clients. Ex, a family of 3.


6 feet or more of Social Distancing will take place at all times. In the water we will find a place to surf away from crowds and avoid others. Mid day lessons on warm days are out.


We will set up our UofS flag and comes to section off a area for any time spent on the beach.


50% of the beach lesson is on youtube. This will cut the beach lesson time in half.


Hand sanitizer will be available and required at beginning and end of lesson. Staff will be using it often.


All clients must be healthy with no temperature. Clients must be responsible about their health in their accepting lessons. We have a zero tolerance for any clients or staff with any fever or symptoms.


All clients and staff must answer these questions: Is your temperature below 100.4F or 38C? Are you healthy? Have you traveled out of the country in the past 2 weeks?


Students must show up with a mask per local health guidelines and affirm they are in good health.  


Instructors will wear masks during beach lesson and whenever not in the water and\or indicated distancing guidelines followed.  (Masks will not be worn in the water --- for safety reasons.)


Lessons are all booked and pre paid on line so no cash or cards will need to change hands. Waivers are also done electronically prior to the lesson.


Clients are encouraged to have their own gear. Wetsuits and booties will be available to students in their own bin so there will be no close contact. 


Wetsuits and booties will be cleaned with Listerine and soap after lesson.

In addition, boxes, surfboards and anything else that was touched by students will be cleaned after each lesson.


There will be a one-hour break between all lessons to clean surfboards and leashes.

Wetsuits will not be re used in the same day.


2020 University of Surfing

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Linda Mar State Beach

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